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Ms TechNow_ScribbleBug has been busy… I’ve been buzzing around running through the latest entries for editing for new website Sea To Sky Lifestyle (just check it out – have a look, I assure you it’s quite good!). Is it irony it’s all about the things I personally hate the most…?

I can’t really stand things that are active and bouncy – or more specifically, I loathe being actively involved in such things. I am happy with gentle yoga once in a blue moon and walking my dog 2 or 3 hours a day. Sea To Sky is all about skiing, snowboarding, high-adventure activity… Well, ’tis a good thing I have a very vivid imagination – and that the only thing I need to know is how to [screen-] edit the articles that are being written! Although, in all fairness, Uncle Google does the rest when I don’t know something – research has come a long way since you required every volume of Encyclopaedia Britannica to get by! However, to read all about these places and adventurous pastimes from the safety of my own iPad is actually really interesting – just because I don’t like actually doing these things doesn’t mean I do not like to read about other people indulging in the insane! (Seriously, go and read some of the things these crazy adventure-sport people do… It’s so insane it’s inspiring!)

Admittedly, one of the best things about editing other writers’ work (apart from making sure you’re “writing” wrongs… No, really, I couldn’t help myself with that one!) is that you don’t have to go and do these things and write all about them – you get to read all about it in the comfort of your own laptop/iPad, and all whilst (ideally!) getting paid. Other people are doing all the hard work and you can just sit back and enjoy the writing, whilst obviously making sure all the commas, apostrophes and paragraphs line up to make sense. With good (and experienced) writers, there is often little to do but reign in a few basic and overlooked typos, so you really do end up being able to enjoy the article/story. Of course, this can lead to complacency, so I do end up reading the same thing at least three times to make sure I haven’t missed anything… Oh the joy of being dedicatedly anal!

One thing I’m still getting used to (despite being a professional in IT) is writing up and editing writing in XHTML code. Well, it’s hardly complex code, but it’s a tad annoying to remember what all the right coding is to format writing in websites correctly. Yes, there are thankfully plenty of handy icons that help you out, but you still have to remember what you’re looking out for when editing on the site itself. I am starting to accustom to it and am starting to prefer it to more traditional word-processor interface (known as Visual in Word Press), as you can see the literal layout of the article that’s going up on the site. Since I also check the the formatting and layout once it’s up on the website, it’s obviously useful to know where to look if something is not right, and know how to rectify it if necessary. Usually this is down to the web designer – but it’s helpful if I can tell him clearly what the problem is, so he can just go ahead and do it, without having to waste time working out the how of fixing it.

So, since I’ve been putting so much effort into it all, how about looking at just what international travel writer – and globe-trotting Welsh girl – Cat Hughes (@nomnomtravel) has been up to,who she’s met and what’s going on in the world of crazy adventure sports? Sea To Sky is a new website magazine aimed at the girls out there who don’t like painting their nails and taking it easy whilst reading Marie Claire – it’s for the ones who like hurtling at breakneck speed down mountains, throwing themselves out of airplanes, scrambling up Kilimanjaro, hiking through the Amazon, and other insanely daring things that adventure sports people like. Quite possibly whilst having painted nails and perfectly-coiffed hair – they are female after all! It’s new and interesting, featuring some incredible inspiring stories and women who have done the amazing, the brave, and downright loco!

As they say – Sea to sky, be exhilarated!