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Sony’s “Yukimura” update rolls out tomorrow for Playstation 4, adding a plethora of welcome changes. According to Polygon, this update is intended to enhance the social aspects of the top selling console.

The highly requested suspend/resume feature on Xbox One will finally become available to PS4 owners, allowing consumers to easily go to and from their games and pick up where they left off.

Yukimura will focus on social aspects by helping you locate fellow Playstation 4 users on your Facebook friend list, while adding a “Friends Who Play This” feature on each game’s detail page. Xbox One currently offers something similar within their newly added Game Hub, which makes it easier to see who is playing what. For instance, if someone sees that 4 of their friends are really in to Evolve, they may be more inclined to pick it up.

The next Xbox One update has a large focus on Achievement integration, and…

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What's Your Tag?


After a pretty solid beta earlier this year, the upcoming Xbox One MMO Neverwinter is ready for launch next Tuesday on March 31st. Those looking to jump in to the free-to-play RPG can download the 10.5GB file starting today, and be ready to party immediately on launch day!

Following the lore of the Forgotten Realms series, Neverwinter is a fantasy MMO that’s incredibly accessible to newcomers, and offers a pretty well laid out free-to-play model. Without paying a dime, players can create up to two different characters and have access to all expansion content immediately, but there are plenty of upgrade options for in-game currency, new playable races, mounts, vanity pets, fighter companions, additional inventory space, and even more character slots for those of who you like to dabble in a bit of everything.

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Fedora 21: Package Kit Errors

After experiencing a whole host of issues with Fedora 21 recently, I found the following in the hope that it helps:

To run:

yum update --advisory=FEDORA-2015-0921

I ran this through, and by the look of the code it seemed to address a number of issues I have recently had trouble addressing in any of the usual ways that I was finding online, not least PackageKit issues.

Further advice states if the problems continues to run:

pkcon repair

Hopefully, this will work….