So… Welcome To


If you think the name is odd, well – it is… It was inspired by the mish-mash of  the things that I love – Writing, tech, gadgety, editing, and reading (as in book “bug”… or a “scribble bug” if you will). 

 I am many things, I like many things, have fun with many things – most of which your average person might find more than a tad “yawn” to everyone else… But I think they’re awesome!




  • Copy Editor – worked with freelance travel-writer Cat Hughes (@nomnomtravel) for many years, and is now also copy editor for the online web-zine for girls who want to have fun in the hardcore extreme sports kind of way: Sea To Sky Lifestyle
  • Writer – Mainly writing imaginative fantasy fiction drivel – but occasionally the writing bug turns itself into a half-sensible drivelling blog. Admittedly much better at the Editing bit than the writing, given I’m a maddening perfectionist…
  • Reader – Have read probably almost everything, in most genres, over the years. Have now added games/PC/Linux magazines to the list to mix it up a little. Favourites include crime novels (I started at rather an early age with Queens of Crime, Agatha Christie and Patricia Cownwell – Hercule Poirot is undoubtedly my literature hero, and [early] Scarpetta), fantasy novels (particularly loving Sarah J, Maas and Maria V. Snyder), and Classic Literature (Austen, Hardy & Shakespeare in particular).  I also dabble in autobiographies. Sort-of.
  • Gamer – It’s mainly RPGs, thank you very much – none of that COD shenanigans for me… Huge BioWare and Bethesta fan – and avid (obsessive…?) player of: Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, Dragon Age Origins, DA 2, and Inquisition, and The Elder Scrolls IV & V: Oblivion and Skyrim – racking up way over 500 hours on the latter. I’m also loving the new-old RPG Divinity: Original Sin. Last but not least, I adore the Fable series – my love for Fable 2 is what really got me into gaming. Proud owner of Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS4.
  • Coffeeholic – Generally making sure there’s just the java flowing through my coffee-vessels and coff-ilaries and little else… Worshiping at the Church of Starbucks mainly, but “brewed at home” is still my favourite type of coffee. Beans only, freshly ground, thanks.
  • Techaholic – Apple enthusiast (and collector, with iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPad [4] Retina & MacBook Pro Retina), tentative PC builder, Linux Noob. Fascinated and excited  by anything to do with gadgets, tech, computers, consoles, or phones, hardware, software, or anything shiny that’s powered by binary, silicone and electric. Just don’t talk to me about Windows Vista. Just… don’t. [insert traumatised expression here…]



All-Round General Geek

Animal Lover

Owner of One Loopy Dog

Adores Damn You Autocorrect when miserable!

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