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BHR EditingAs an IT consultant and data quality analyst, using computers to check content quality has long been second nature to me. Eye for detail and perfect meticulousness is absolutely vital for both data analysis and copy editing. It was a natural progression, especially since I realised I was enjoying writing and editing procedure guides than doing the rest of the work.

I’ve worked on a part-time freelance basis with writer Cat Hughes for several years, and I always enjoy working with her. I have worked with Cat for long enough to see a young writer taking her first steps out into freelance journalism grow into a popular travel writer who now has her own online magazine: Sea To Sky Lifestyle. Helping writers achieve their full potential, by helping them ensure their product is as perfect as possible, is enjoyable and rewarding.

Copy editing is something I love doing. I enjoy reading the work I am sent, and cleaning it up so it will read better. I love the English language and all its idiosyncrasies – and they are ones that some people may not understand very well, as they can be complicated. Grammar is difficult to master for some; for others it may be structure, tenses, or spelling. Others have difficulties such as dyslexia to contend with, making many, or all, difficult to get right. Some just simply need an extra pair of eyes to ensure there have been no mistakes – if you’ve ever read back something you’ve written a few days after with fresh eyes, you’ll probably see a few mistakes in there you never realised you had overlooked.

Burned Pen

Editing is about making sure that what is written comes across correct and reads well to the audience. There is then also the fine balance of ensuring it also still reads in the author’s voice: copy editing is cleaning it up, not re-writing it. The main point of editing written work is to language. When you have this foundation underpinning writing work, it should then speak for itself – and no one will be busy being distracted from it by minor mistakes that may have been overlooked. ensure that it has good grammar, spelling, structure, and appropriate use of the English Language. When you have this foundation underpinning writing work, it should then speak for itself – and no one will be busy being distracted from it by minor mistakes that may have been overlooked.



Black Heart Rose Editing Service Offers Copy Editing & Proofreading Special Offers in Aid of Hope House:

Grammar No-No

  • Copy Editing (editing printed copies)
  • Proofreading (checking proofs ready for publication)
  • On Screen Editing (copy editing on Word documents)
  • Web Content Editing (editing website content or blogs)


Black Hearts Rose can work with anyone who requires assistance with editing their writing – whether it is an article for the local newspaper, a blog, university essay, entering a short story contest, or even for your self-published eBook.
A second pair of eyes, even for the most diligent writer, can be a useful thing. Anyone who has written something for submission may benefit from assistance of a copy editor or proofreader:


  • Those who want a hardcopies (printed) or e-documents (i.e. Word .docx file) checked and edited
  • Students – any level, from A Level to Ph.D (*We do not write the essays; we simply ensure they read well*)
  • Students or Writers struggling with conditions such as dyslexia
  • eBook writers
  • ePublishers
  • Self-Publishing Author 
  • Writers & Authors – both published and unpublished 
  • Essayists & Academics
  • Anyone who wants something they’ve written checked over before submission

BHR Editing

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